About the author

Raised between countries in a bilingual household, I’m a dual French Australian citizen. 

My passion for astronomy and space goes back to my childhood, living for some years in southern France in the countryside, I discovered the northern night sky with my first telescope. Visiting my grandparents in outback South Australia regularly, I  was also able to enjoy the beautiful southern night sky there; free from light pollution. This passion grew with time and through my studies across Europe I turned it into a career.

I’m not an astronomer. As Deputy Communications and Outreach Manager for the SKA Organisation, my job is to talk about the Square Kilometre Array or SKA and the amazing science it will do. In short, the SKA is an array of radio telescopes so large it will spread across Africa and Australia, and is set to fundamentally alter our understanding of the Universe, and possibly even of physics.

I also worked for the European Southern Observatory (ESO) as an outreach officer, first in Germany and then in Chile, where I had the privilege of regularly visiting some of the world’s finest observatories in the Atacama Desert, like the VLT in Paranal or ALMA on the Chajnantor Plateau.

News-addicted, I’m passionate about science in general, but also have strong interests in politics, international relations, cultures, languages and travel. And of course, I dream about going into space one day! 

Don’t hesitate to write me with your thoughts, comments and suggestions, I’d love to hear from you!

The Starlightwalker


One thought on “About the author

  1. spanishforfun says:

    Hey Starlightwalker (Mathieu), I would like to get in touch regarding ALMA & SKA. How can I email you directly. All the best for your AMAZING, BRILLIANT work. I am Spanishforfun (S4F) and await your comments.

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