About this blog

Public relations and outreach officers generally have a desire to write. We sometimes envy journalists for the compelling stories they write. Maybe deep down we are failed authors.

This blog is my attempt at communicating my passion for my job and for the Universe. As a public outreach officer working in the professional astronomy field, my job is to share with journalists, the public and kids of all ages what’s happening out there, explaining the Universe in understandable ways.

My job, and my personal life, have taken me to some pretty amazing places, among them observatories. From a snow-capped rock outcrop in the French Pyrenees floating above the clouds to the driest desert on the planet in Chile overlooking the Pacific. Amazing because of the cutting edge technology these places use and because of the passion that drives the people who build them and use them, rendered even more awe-inspiring because of their remoteness.

Every time I visit one of these places, I think how lucky I am to be there. And every time I read some new development in astronomy or space exploration, I think how fascinating the Universe is, and mankind’s drive to understand it and explore it.

This is how The starlightwalker was born, out of this deep sense of luck and awe, and the strong desire to share the wonders of our Universe with more people. It is, in essence, about the wonderings of a wanderer.

I hope you enjoy the ride!

Clear skies,

The starlightwalker


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