Me & the Time Travelling Astronomers

The SKA telescope’s time travelling astronomers, looking for the building blocks of life in the Universe from Australia and South Africa with the world’s most powerful radio telescope!




Against all expectations and probability, I have become a time traveller.

Unfortunately my body is staying firmly rooted in the 21st Century but my eyes are being taken to the beginnings of time.

That journey starts in a very unusual place. Deep in the semi desert Karoo area of South Africa they are building a machine which can look back further into the past than ever before.

When finished in 2028 the Square Kilometre Array or SKA will be 50 times bigger and have 10,000 times the capability of any other radio telescope. This project will generate an Exabyte of a day; that is a billion gigabytes. And if you are still none the wiser, that is 100 million USB sticks. It would take enough power to run a small city just to transmit the data from the site, back to the head office.

This very special telescope…

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