Forget e-cards, write galactic messages

Messages made of galaxies

You can now build your own messages made of galactic letters and share them thanks to My Galaxies

A while ago I discovered My Galaxies, a great little website. It allows you to create words and messages out of real galaxy images, and you can thus compose any message you want and share it with friends, family, and loved ones. Of course I tested it myself first before writing this review, and it was a complete success 😉

The creators behind this clever little tool used images of galaxies taken by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, which are processed by people who participate in the Galaxy Zoo citizen science project. Galaxy Zoo asks users to characterise galaxies, saying whether they are ellipticals, spirals, etc. (you should join!)

The community is very active, and some users decided to create an alphabet out of galaxies that looked like letters. And then someone pretty clever came and wrote a program for it. And here’s the result. Admittedly, some letters work better than others, and some messages are easier to write than others, but it’s still pretty amazing. Forget boring e-cards, you can now write your other half’s name in galactic letters, so spread the galactic love!


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